Bart Reines

Management & Design

Luxury Homebuilder


Bart Reines Construction Inc. is a State Certified General Contractor and designer that is recognized as Miami’s premiere luxury homebuilder. When you build your home with us you will receive unparalleled personal service, building expertise and quality of construction and design from conception to completion of your project. Our only business is the building and design of the finest luxury homes to exacting standards, strict time lines, and precise budgets for some of the world’s most discriminating clients.

Our service, meticulous attention to detail, fine craftsmanship and design experience sets us apart from Miami’s other general contractors. Our homes regularly sell in excess of ten million dollars and have repeatedly made highest sales records.

Our work starts early during the design and pre-construction phase where we provide extensive cost-estimating and value-engineering in the planning, design and permitting process. We believe in a well-coordinated team effort that includes all of the project consultants, architects, engineers and governmental entities. We thus make it a priority to develop close working relationships with all members of the team and to coordinate the project team efficiently and expeditiously. Our team also includes the most highly skilled, quality oriented, and cost effective subcontractors. This process proves itself when the project is completed on time, within budget, and with the very highest level of quality and client satisfaction.


When an Owner decides to build a project he or she often lacks the design, construction and development expertise to effectively oversee the process. The construction manager’s primary responsibility is to serve as a trusted advisor and advocate for the owner throughout the conceptual, design and construction phases. With our unparalleled portfolio of artistic, luxurious, and record-setting projects, you can have the confidence that we will bring your dream to life. Be as involved as you care to be. We will assemble, oversee, and manage a team of talented architects and consultants. We ensure that no detail is left unexamined and that your luxury home is built as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.